Home Visits When Needed

You can have same-day or next-day visits when you need them.

Your membership at Maitri Wellness means you can talk, text or Skype with Dr. Kaul even when you don’t have an appointment scheduled. In order to deliver high quality care, when you call, you won’t be put in touch with a secretary or an assistant with limited medical knowledge. You will talk directly to the doctor and together, we can figure out the next best steps to deal with your healthcare issues.

When both parents are members, if your child is a nonmember and is sick and can’t get in to see their regular doctor, Dr. Kaul will see them as one of the benefits to your membership. This eliminates the need for multiple doctors seeing your child (they will be seen by their primary care group and by Dr. Kaul if necessary), multiple trips to urgent cares and emergency rooms. It also provides you with the peace of mind that you can ask Dr. Kaul a question or voice a concern about your child’s health even when their primary care doctor’s office is closed.