Anxiety & Depression Treatment in Bergen County

Interested in learning more about treating Anxiety and Depression in Bergen County New Jersey from Dr. Rachna Kaul of Maitri Wellness, a Direct Primary Care Doctor’s Office in Ridgewood? Please review the information on this page to understand what’s included, and how this approach to treating Anxiety and Depression with a DPC is unlike anything you’ve tried before.

At a glance, here is what you can expect:


Non-prescription management of anxiety and depression.


Medications can also be written, depending on your need and diagnosis.


Medical training in signs and symptoms of mental health and disease help Dr Kaul to tailor a regimen to meet your needs.


Dr. Kaul also coordinates with your existing physicians to make sure that your care is not fragmented or splintered.


For patients who require more in-depth counseling or monitoring, please call the office to discuss options with Dr. Kaul, as she has some patients that she sees for counseling (separate membership). Spaces are limited for counseling, as this is much more time intensive.

Difference Between treating Anxiety and Depression at DPC Vs. Insurance Based Doctors in Bergen County

There is a shortage of psychiatrists in this country and as such, primary care providers often end up treating anxiety and depression due to lack of access. In addition, the stigma associated with mental health problems leads about 80% of patients to avoid the psychiatrist and seek treatment from their primary care doctors. In family medicine, while there is extensive training in mental health, the time for each visit is incredibly short and, as such, takes weeks or months to really develop a doctor-patient relationship. The easy accessibility to Dr. Kaul that DPC provides allows for a longer, more meaningful visit and conversation as well as a more in-depth analysis of your signs and symptoms. Anxiety and depression are so prevalent in our community today, and the fragmented care that is available between therapists, primary care providers and psychiatrists adds to the difficulty. Getting care with Dr. Kaul ensures that she will coordinate with all of your health professionals and advocate for you in any setting that you need

How to Get Started

These Anxiety and Depression Treatments in Bergen County NJ are reserved for Maitri Wellness DPC members. If you are interested in scheduling a visit to address your anxiety and/or depression, please call 201-639-4250 or fill out our contact form to get in touch.

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