Patient Plan Membership Fees

1-Member Plan $150/month

2-Member plan $275/month

3-Member plan $375/month

4-Member plan $475/month

5-Member plan $575/month

Annual discount for primary care plans

10% discount if membership is paid annually

Acupuncture membership

$75/month includes one acupuncture treatment per month (treatments are not transferrable to another month). Additional treatments come at a 10% discount.

Acupuncture or Integrative Medicine visits

$350 for consultation (non-members), $80 per treatment. Members get a yearly consultation if desired at no extra cost and receive a 10% discount on acupuncture treatments.

Birth control consultation

$60–NO membership required
IUD insertion: $175 (plus cost of device)

Fertility Plans TBD

Employer plans

$120/month per employee for 5 or more employees. Contracts are made on a yearly basis.

DOT physicals


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