Comprehensive Contraception Services

I believe that contraceptive care should be available to everyone. For this reason, whether you are a member of Maitri Wellness or not, I will make myself available for contraception counseling.  If you are a member of Maitri Wellness, contraception counseling is included in your membership, of course.  This includes writing prescriptions for birth control.  The placement of IUDs, Nexplanon and the administration of Depo Provera will have an added cost due to the cost of buying, cleaning, sterilizing, and setting up instruments, as well as the storage of medications.  In some cases, your insurance company will (as they all should!!) cover the cost of any devices such as a Paragard, Mirena, Skyla, Liletta or Nexplanon.  We will work with you to make this work for you, as the cost to you is too great not to get contraception when you need it!

For those who are not members of Maitri Wellness, for a low fee of $60, I will address all of your contraception questions and needs.  As above, any devices inserted or medications administered will incur an extra fee.  If your insurance does cover for a device or an insertion fee, we will help you to try to get reimbursed for those services.

Do you have migraines with aura?  Do you have heavy periods?  Do you have hypertension, diabetes or other chronic problems and worry about what methods you can use?  Are you a teenager who has not had sex but is planning to?  Are you a parent worried about your child having sex?  I am happy to discuss any and all of these things, including the best method of birth control for you, the risks and benefits of each method, and how to cope with any changes.

For anyone unable to cover the cost of a visit, payment plans and other powerful exceptions can be considered on a case by case basis.

Member Services Included

  • Well woman (gynecologic) exams
  • Comprehensive birth control services not including IUD placement or removal
  • PMS, menopause and osteoporosis counseling and treatment
  • Sexual dysfunction counseling and treatment
Comprehensive Contraception Visits

Non-Member Fee Based Services Provided

  • Birth Control Counseling 
  • Birth Control Prescription
  • IUD or Nexplanon Insertion
  • IUD or Nexplanon Removal