Complementary Therapies


Dr. Kaul is licensed in medical acupuncture, which she studied at the Helms Medical Institute, the leading medical acupuncture resource for physician. This form of traditional Chinese medicine has been safely used for millennia and can help those who suffer from back or neck pain, headache or extremity pain.
Acupuncture has also been used to provide emotional stability, regular periods and all around wellbeing. Acupuncture consultations are $200 and Dr. Kaul spends 90 minutes with you asking detailed questions about your likes, dislikes, habits and stressors. Subsequent acupuncture treatments are $80. Members receive one free acupuncture consultation a year and a 10% discount on acupuncture treatments.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine's basic tenets are that we, as humans, are not just "well" and "diseased," but rather that there is spectrum of wellness and disease. When we start to stray from wellness to disease, we can try to catch ourselves before permanent damage is done. Functional medicine aims to try to support the system to maintain optimal wellness. Dr. Kaul has trained with the Institute of Functional Medicine, which takes into account different modalities, not just allopathic (Western) medicine.

Trigger Point Therapy

Dr. Kaul performs trigger point injections to relieve symptoms associated with inflammation and degenerative processes from acute trauma (fractures, sprains, lacerations and tendonitis) and other repetitive-use or overuse injuries. Trigger point injections are one of the most effective treatment modalities for providing quick improvement of acute pain and symptoms.

Benefits of a Different Kind of Personalized Medicine

Much More Than a Typical Primary Care Visit

Dr. Kaul spends extended time with you at each visit. Her shortest visits typically last 30 minutes and some integrative visits are over an hour – ample time to get to know you and your history and understand any health issues before she develops a treatment plan tailored just for you. Dr. Kaul is board certified in Family Medicine and is licensed to practice acupuncture. In addition, her knowledge of multiple disciplines including yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, acupuncture and Functional Medicine pervades into her daily practice and, if you are open to it, she can provide multiple tools on your path to healing.

At Maitri Wellness, Dr. Kaul provides a blend of the old and new. She provides the type of care once provided by the old-time family doctor who made house calls AND she is open to and knowledgeable about many different kinds of health. She can work with you where you are to explore new and productive pathways to your own growth and healing.